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Research: Characteristics of Households

The purpose of this research is to estimate in which percentage it would be possible to identify a household using similarity of last names on the same address point. Data are absolutely annonymous. Summarized results will be published as a part of my PhD. thesis and will be also available on portal. Thank you very much for your participation on this research.

D. Pejcoch (david at

Survey Code (from invitation)
What is your gender?
What is a structure of your household? I live with a partner Yes
I live with my children Yes
I live with my grand parents Yes
I live with someone else than already specified Yes
What gender is your partner?
Which members of your household have similar at least part of their last name You and your partner Yes
You and at least one of children Yes
You and at least one of grand parents Yes
Are you married with your partner? Yes
Is there any other household with the same name on the same address you live? You
What is your country where you live?
What is zip / postal code of your address?
What is your age category?
The highest education level

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